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NIE and eEdition

Now you can get the Review-Journal eEdition for classroom use.

Take advantage of News Tools for Schools (PDF) to show how using the eEdition can be adapted to your classroom.

Benefits of eEdition include ...

1. Can expand text/graphics for students with special needs.
2. Able to search with keywords or phrases.
3. Able to browse archived editions.
4. Can easily scan through newspaper pages.
5. eEdition uses a medium most students share an interest in.
6. Teaches technology and information skills needed to compete for jobs.

Why are we offering the eEdition to teachers?

1. Money-saving program.
2. Earth friendly.
3. Connection to interests of young people.
4. Valuable way to have students USE technology needed for careers.

How can it be used if there are too few computers?

1. Use in school computer labs.
2. Use in media centers.
3. Use Smart Boards or other means of "projecting" eEdition for all to see.
4. Team up students to use computers available.

What about students who are more tactile learners?

1. eEdition can be printed.
2. Size of text and graphics can be adjusted as needed.
3. Look of the eEdition can be customized for individual needs.

Why some might think this too time-consuming when actually it is not

1. Teachers can go online before school to see what would work for a lesson.
2. It is ALWAYS delivered on time.
3. No counting bundles, separating papers and picking up bundles.
4. No mess and need to recycle.
5. Easier and quicker for students to scan and search the newspaper.
6. Archived newspapers are readily available.

It is easy to sign up for eEdition

1. Use the same online registration form just check the box for eEdition.

2. Make sure you fill out all information especially librarian name and email address.

3. Account for school, teacher, and number of students will be set up via the librarian and NIE.

4. Once you get user name and password you can access the eEdition online. We suggest that you create your own password for your use and account for your students.

5. Online access log ins will be limited per day depending on number of students in the class.

6. Searchable archives limited to days of the week papers are signed up for.

When you are ready to use it

Go to the NIE home page. Scroll down to the right and click on link to NIE eEdition.

NIE page will come up with user id and password options. Fill in information, save log in information if you like and click okay and the current eEdition will appear.

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