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Most people can rattle off a whole list of discouraging statistics about Nevada’s educational system. The Clark County School District is the 5th largest district in the nation and continues to grow every year. With that growth comes innumerable challenges.

Students need assistance to read at the appropriate age level. The Las Vegas Review-Journal provides a valuable resource to our students while developing responsible, informed, and literate citizens through our NIE program.

Sponsorship Levels

The Las Vegas Review-Journal NIE offers several sponsorship levels that fit any budget.

Individual & Coorporate Contributions

Diamond Sponsor - $1000
Platinum Sponsor - $500
Gold Sponsor - $250
Silver Sponsor - $125
Bronze Sponsor - $62.50


Donate from your Newspaper Bill

Add a donation to your subscription renewal amount. Check the box at the bottom of your renewal bill to become a sponsor.

Vacation Donation

Give students your newspapers while you are on vacation. When you call Customer Service to give dates for Stop and Restart of delivery tell them you wish to donate your papers to the NIE program. They will take care of it for you.

We would like to formally thank all those subscribers who donated their papers over these last hot summer months. Your generosity has helped make this NIE program a success.

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsor Our NIE program provides a living textbook - the daily paper - and related learning materials at no cost to students and teachers with the generous support of businesses, organizations and individuals. With the newspapers come curriculum guides, various programs via our website, and specialized learning tabs through out the year.

There are many opportunities for business to be involved in NIE and provide specialized programs linking the newspaper, schools, business, and current issues. Call the NIE office (702) 383-4613 to find out more about various sponsorships and programs that are available.

You may also fill out the form to the left and some one will contact you.

Sponsorship FAQ

Newspapers In Education (NIE) puts the newspaper, literally a "living textbook," into the hands Of educators and students. NIE also provides nationally acclaimed curriculum materials that help teachers incorporate timely content from the newspaper into all areas of study for their students. Newspapers In Education (NIE) puts the newspaper, literally a "living textbook," into the hands of educators and students. NIE also provides nationally acclaimed curriculum materials that help teachers incorporate timely content from the newspaper into all areas of study for their students.

What is a Newspapers In Education Sponsor?

A Newspapers In Education Sponsor partners with the Las Vegas Review-Journal and Las Vegas Sun to provide newspapers, curriculum materials, and teacher workshops to southern Nevada classrooms at no cost to the teachers or schools. Sponsorships can benefit particular schools, teacher guides, or workshops, or can come in the form of more general support for the program.

Why should my business sponsor the NIE Program?

As a cost-effective teaching tool, newspapers in the classroom improve student performance, providing hands-on opportunities and real life examples of how school subjects apply to today's world. Activities using the newspaper help students learn a multitude of subjects like math, science, geography, reading, critical thinking and analysis, social studies, world events, and history.

Everyone wins when your business sponsors the Las Vegas Review-Journal News In Education program:

  • Your business can support the production and delivery of newspapers in the classroom of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.
  • Your contribution goes directly to providing newspapers to classrooms in southern Nevada. No administrative fee is assessed so your business receives the maximum tax benefit allowable by law.
  • The Las Vegas Review-Journal and Las Vegas Sun will promote your business as a good corporate citizen interested in quality education by recognizing your contribution in several "Thank You" advertisements throughout the year and through the NIE website.
  • You will play a role in raising standardized test scores, as research has shown that students in schools with an NIE program score, on average, 10% higher than students who do not receive the newspaper in their classrooms. Additionally, growing demographics in southern Nevada, such as low-income, minority, and English Language Learner students, benefit significantly from NIE programs.
  • The Las Vegas Review-Journal News In Education guarantees that 100% of your investment goes to students and schools in the form of educational materials. The Las Vegas Review-Journal also absorb the cost of the NIE staff, delivery of the papers to local schools, and provide you with quality advertising and promotion of NIE and your sponsorship.

How Can I Make My Contribution to NIE?

Levels of sponsorship of Newspapers In Education may vary according to your business' size, needs, and desire to support the program. We are more than happy to speak with you about customizing a sponsorship plan based on the market segment you would like to reach, the geographic area in which you do business, or the type of curriculum materials or workshops you would like to support. Each NIE Sponsor receives recognition in Nevada's largest newspaper network, a tax-deductible donation to a valuable program meeting a crucial need in our community, in addition to the numerous benefits outlined above.

You may send your donations to:
NIE / Las Vegas Review-Journal
1111 West Bonanza Road, Las Vegas, NV 89106
You may also call 702-383-4613 for more information